Şablon:Sil ‘‘Sports is the only way to fight against drugs’’ Dear Grand Master We are proud to invite you to the World Federation of Athletes Against Drugs (WFAAD). Today, there are many ways of fighting against drugs, but as we are WFAAD, we insist that ‘‘Sports is the only way to fight against drugs’’. We know that, people who fulfill their life with sports, does not aim to bad habits. Governments are cooperating for fighting against drug usage. We believe the power of universality of sports in our fight.

WFAAD is one of the many non-governmental organizations against drugs in Turkey. WFAAD is a non-governmental organization and also the first World federation founded in Turkey. WFAAD differs from all other organizations, with its member profiles who are champion athletes, trainers of the champions and all believed athletes to this fight trained in disciplines of Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Wushu, Muay Thai, Kick Box, Wrestling, Box, Athletics and all other kind of martial arts. Drug addiction is global problem of all children. Latest researches show that, drug usage is starting from primary school ages nowadays. With this invitation, we are aiming to reinforce our organization in our fight and increase our voice all around the world. Let’s join us and we act together. By this way, once again we can prove the power of sports to the world. We believe that we can take strong steps for the humanity and for the sports with making organizations together. For making successful organizations and preparing a better world for our children, we offer you to work together and fight against bad habits. We want to share and improve our knowledge and experience in big organizations with 47 federations, sports clubs, organization and around 300 individual athlete members from Turkey and all around the world.

Kaya Muzaffer ILICAK President World Federation of Athletes Against Drugs (WFAAD)


World Federation of Athletes Against Drugs (WFAAD) is a non governmental organization. It is sophisticated society which most of sportsmen come together in. The aim of federation is to fight against drugs and canalize the world youth to sports.

WFAAD founders and members works for most efficient way to fight against drugs with sports.

WFAAD believes that use of drugs in healthy people and the children which are the future of societies weakens the traditions, customs, traditional values and human emotions.

WFAAD in its struggle for drug; defends human development, the future of children, goal of making sports to children, human dignity, democracy, tolerance, equality, liberty and the pursuit of justice.

WFAAD tells to all people and necessarily to children need to educate theri bodies with any sports. Try to Express that combat sports are as a vehicle with gaining human health and self-confidence.

WFAAD tell us that all people knowingly or unknowingly, have a right to be prevention of damages of drug use and treatment of damages caused by itself.

WFAAD Works for providing the all supports in the world with making social and educational agreements, by which the drug use. regardless of the manner to protect human and children.

WFAAD Works for building networks between countries and intercontinental in fighting with drugs. To include the solution partners to its structure. WFAAD is sophisticated society which fight against drugs with its sports schools, sportmen, individuals and non – governmental organizations.

WFAAD announces the world that the only remedy in fighting with drugs is sports with gathering sportsman, their families and sports organizations. WWW.WFAAD.COM.

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